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Early Morning Ramblings~~!

Yes. I'm posting in the early hours of the morning again :D

I had a lot of fun at the night out with the people from the charity shop, we had lotsa laughs XD The meal was nice too~!
Wheeee! Tis Helen's birthday today! X3 I'm looking forward to her birthday get together later on today. Need to make sure to wrap up her present and write out her card.

I just spent about half an hour or so adding some stuff onto my "Sunset Duel" picture of Juudai to use as the background to yugioh_gx but the filesize was too big and if I went to save it lower the picture got all grainy as low compressed .jpgs do XP So I decided I'm gonna let the members there choose a character to be on the layout and I'll create a simple background for it, plus it's fun doing it that way :D So if you're a member there, go vote for a character! w00t! :D

You know, I'm currnetly addicted to this song called "Moments". If you watch the fm_alchemist community you'll have seen the posts about the Chinese fanmade game "Bluebird's illusion" or at least I think that's what it was called. I downloaded the opening video from the community (*Such a pretty opening and such professional and almost official looking artwork!*) then someone posted the original version of the song that plays during the opening and I'm just currently totally in love with it. Since the file I downloaded was a .wma I specificlly went onto winMX this morning to try and find a .mp3 of the song and it didn't take me long to find one XD Ah, can't stop listening to it~~!

Okay, I feel tired so I really should go to sleep now XD
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