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Just another Manic Monday :p

Well another long Monday shift at work done~! Now comes some busy socializing time! (*What? Me? Socializing?*)

Tomorrow night the staff from the charity shop are having a meeting, so we're having both a meeting and a nice meal out combined! XD We usually only have a meal get together for Christmas, so this is nice :D And being as I only work there one afternoon a week I never get to see the others who work there too XD

Then on Wednesday it's my best friend's birthday. She's having a barbeque, or at least that's what she told me a few weeks ago *lol* She has SO many people coming XD Some that I know, some that I don't, some who I may vaguely recall. Helen is the type of person who gets to know a LOT of people XD

Other than that my mouth is sore for some reason (*Wisdom teeth again maybe? Who knows*) and the skin on the back of my hands keeps drying up and being irritated >_<

Oh and Stars! Look who I drew at work on Saturday night while the place was extremely dead!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nope, no bug on his nose this time XD
Yeah I drew it on a paper towel, which explains the funky texture on it *lol*

Also, I'm gonna try and get you one of those rubber band things tomorrow too, Stars. I just hope we have some left at the shop XD
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