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Lookie at the Shiny Layout~!

First of all, big big BIG thanks go to aphotic who made this awesome and very shiny Juudai layout for me X3 It's so pretty~~!
Just need to finish off my Juudai mood theme which I have a long way to go in yet, I made a list of all the moods that need pictures and currnetly there are a lot left *lol*

Hummm, work has me staring two hours earlier on my shift tomorrow which means I need to make sure to get up in time for the earlier showing of Pokémon *nods* As for Chronicles I might just have to miss most of that. The 1st DVD is out sometime next month anyway :D
They seem to be realizing at work now that I have a confidence problem. Nice to know it shows XP Though maybe if I'd stop zoneing out while working it would make it seem I'm more intrested XD I seriously have a problem with getting lost in my own thoughts.

I'll try my best to get the GX review and parodies up tomorrow. I'm halfway through doing both right now. I need to be in the right kinda mood to pull off pissed and emotional Juudai XD;;
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