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I wanna see part 2 damnit!!

Okay.... so how many times is Toonami going to repeat the first episode of Pokémon Chronicles before they actually get onto the second episode? XP I keep making sure to tape it but it's always the first episode...
...next time a Chronicles episode shows is Sunday at 4pm...
...I really hope that's the second episode...

Last night (*Or should I say more this morning*) I went to bed when it was almost daylight XD But I kinda got carried away with a sketch of Juudai on Stars' oekaki board *lol* I didn't get up until almost half two this afternoon, I kept dreaming about being in a haunted house XD
Hummm, I'm bored so I might go and try to draw the mascot of Stars' board now :D I like that I can do quick pictures there. sure I have my own doodle board but recnetly I haven't been able to save pictures on it *lol* Plus I prefer Paint BBS to Oekaki BBS~~!
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