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OMFG! *Enter sound of GX breaking brain here*

OMFG to hell...
...the episode started out so....normal... then it TEARS MY HEART OUT AND SENDS ME SPIRILING INTO A PIT OF WTF-NESS!!!!!

Kaiser...Shou... the brotherly stuff was just so touching and then Kasier chose to lose cos Shou was in danger...oh dear god....
...I was just sat there in complete shock....
...then kaiser became a doll and Shou looked like he was going to throw up ;___;
Then not only did Shou get angsty but we officially got PROPER JUUDAI ANGST! He had TEARS IN HIS EYES! TEARS I SAY! You couldn't see them too well but the tears were there and he sounded like he was going to cry any moment ;______________;
...I want that Kaiser Ryou doll *Steals doll off Vampire Carmulla*

Well, at least Fubuki wakes up next week!! :D :D And Juudai gets the other half of his bling *ahem* pendant from him.

I'm a sucker for brotherly stuff... FMA made me weak against sweet/sad brotherly storylines ;_______;

This episode truely deserves my Broken Brain GX icon....

In other news I'm using this reaction post of GX as also a reaction post to the first episode of "Pokémon Chronicles" which I did manage to tape...
Okay lets see what we have here:

Kenta (*Who was briefly named "Yoshi" when Jackson refered to him in a silver confrence episode*) has now been given the most unimaginative name of...."Jimmy"

Marina luckily gets to keep her Japanese name (*No "Dani" for her!!*) though her voice annoys me for some reason. Her nicknamed Pokémon are as follows:
Her Misdrevous "Muu-chan" is now "Little Miss"
Her Jigglypuff "Pink-Chan" is now "Little Pink"
And in a very suprising turn of events her Croconaw actually KEEPS the same nickname as in the Japanese version which is "Wani-Wani".

Okay so "Jackson" we all remember that guy with the weird hairdo from the Silver confrence episodes, right? (*Actually, I missed the episode/s he was in but I know he was there*) well apaprently BEFORE he got to the silver confrence his name was.....
Hummmmm, really not following very well are you 4Kids...

Okay now HERE is the good part. It's our villians for the story. The lovely Bashou and Buson. They have been given the following names:
Buson is now "Attila"
Bashou is now "Hun"
Togepi is now on the floor in dub name agony.
But that's not even the bestest best part...
...for Bashou/"Hun", though MALE in the Japanese version is now a very flat-chasted woman...
...guys, I know the other Team Rocket teams we've seen have one man and one woman but that doesn't mean that these two had to be the same ;_____;
Although, fun crack does come with the bad dub names. I singger like an idiot when Buson/"Attila" calls Bashou...."Hun" cos seriously....it sounds like a pet name, like shortened for "Honey" maybe? ;D hehehehe~!

As for "Attila" and "Hun"'s voices. Well "Attila" to me sounds a bit of an idiot who's trying to sound threatening but is failing through bad jokes. I like "Hun"'s voice, though female, it still has a lovely cold and uncaring tone to it which is what made Bashou so great <3

That is pretty much all for now :D Yes I'm going to be terribly critical of the Raikou special. The others not as much, but I will be of this especially since we've all been waiting years for the dub XD

....I can't wait to see how they tackled the Brock episode, since his mother is in that and 4kids had her die in their version :D Oh 4Kids, it seems you dig yourselves deeper holes than Team Rocket EVER could! <3

Okay....I'm gonna go back to angsting over GX now...
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