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It's Spring!....I think...

Well I offically gave up on Yugioh episode 195 -_-;; I was getting nowhere with it and even though I got about 86% of the episode it still missed a lot out X_x; Ah well guess I'll just try my luck with this weeks episode once it's up... I have to get it within two days of it being put up or I just won't get it at all by the looks of things >_< *sighs* Bad thing is my dad's been put off getting braodband AGAIN... I think we can just about afford it but he's all like "I dunno....there's a lot of ifs and buts...."
...dad, life is just ONE BIG if and but!!! Blah -_-;; I even offered to pay the whole price myself but no luck *cries*

Today the weather was so Spring like ^_^ A much needed change from the rain and snow and coldness overall... even through it was windy even the wind was quite warmish, it was just the way I love it, not too cold, not too warm just perfect :D Plus I managed to get some cool pokémon figurines from the Chairty shop I volenteer at Tuesday afternoons I got some models of venonat, Ivysaur, venasaur, pikachu, a tiny Charmander and Misty to go with my Ash figurine :D (*To bad they didn't have brock and Team Rocket to go with it*)

Oooooh! and Eeeee! The site I got the Yugioh BGM off has more up now *____* Excuse me while I go download.... *wanders off in trance like state*
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