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Just another day Tuesday at the Charity Shop XD

Some of you may know of the fad of these colour rubber bands that's going around at the moment. I think it started off as bands for different charities or something I think, but now you can get loads of different coloured ones as people have latched onto this latest fad (*Ah I remember when Tamagotchis and Yo-Yos that lit up were the in things *lol*)

Well there is one of the chairty coloured bands that is light pink and is for breast cancer I believe. Over the last month or two we've been getting a lot of customers in the cancer research chaity shop come in and ask if we have them. Weird thing is, those bands were nothing to do with Cancer Research so we didn't have them...
...AH, but now we have our own XD It's dark pink. I got one today and promised the Amanda, the manageress there, that's I'd advertise them XD You should have seen these two boys who came in with their mother today, they were all "I want!" and she kept refusing until Amanda changed her mind *lol*

The strangest things become fads, huh? XD

Anyway one of the ladies at the chairty shop gave me a magazine today that she had kept for me cos she knows I like Japanese anime and there was an article in it she thought I'd find intresting and I sure did! Turns out this article was all about Miyazaki and his films <3 And I must say....the guy is quite a pessimist who seems to hate modern life *lol* But yet he makes such lovely movies~! Apaprnetly if mothers walk up to him and tell him that their child watches his movies everyday, he'll act horrified and tell them to only let them watch them once a year at most as he seems to really dislike things like DVDs and the such.

The article seems to suggest that his latest movie "Howl's Moving Castle" will be out over here later this year. I hope so! I really want to see that! :D
I told Pam, the lady who gave me the article, about him and his movies and told her if she EVER got the chance to watch one she should and I used "Spirited Away" as an example.

I even drew a picture of Chihiro from a picture that was in the article:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yeah, that's what I do when the shop is quiet. Draw on the Trax FM notepaper postit things we have XD;;

Ah, that's enough rambling for now~! I should do something productive like update my art site or do that mass art upload onto Sheezy now it's working again *lol* Or maybe do some screenshots for some GX episodes *nods*
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