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First of all a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 3am_eclipse it's still the 7th where you are so that's okay XD Your birthday piccie is drawn, I just haven't had the time to colour it so colouring will have to be done over tomorrow ^^; Sorry~! (*Or today since it's the 8th here now *lol*)
I hope you had a lovely day! :D

Also tomorrow I WILL get that GX review up, I wrote some of it this morning and i'm up to the part where Vampire Carmulla first introduces herself to the group :D YAY! The Parodies may have to be put up on yousendit this week as Luna's site FTP seems to be down ^^ I'll be uploading all the smaller file ones for everyone who has slow internet but I also have a larger file that has all the clips in it for anyone with faster net connections, that will save some of you having to download all the indervidual files ^^

My dad might be taking me to PC world for those DVD cases tomorrow, but I have found out that making covers that fit maybe harder than I originally thought O_O; So I'm gonna have to play with that a bit more tonight, even if it's like 1am here XP It's possible somehow though XD;;

I need to remember to re-install Java at somepoint...

And I've nearly downloaded all the Bleach episodes I've missed :D I've just got episode 30 to get!! YAAAAY!!

Ya know it's weird, just about half an hour ago I felt so awake, now I suddenly feel all tired O_o;

Ahhhh, an idea of mine for the DVD covers worked!! YAAAAY!
Now I just need the time to design the covers XP This way I shouldn't have to worry about losing some of my CDs again, I find I can keep track of where my DVDs are so desgising some of my normal CDs ad DVDs should be handy (*Plus the episode CDs can play on my DVD player anyway so basiclly they ARE DVDs in a way *lol*)

Okay, I need sleep now!
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