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Just....stuff! XD

Parodies are aaaalll done~! Just the review and screenshots to do. It'll be up either Saturday or Sunday depending (*Since I'm working 6 hours tomorrow*)
The new layout for the site will go up with the parodies as well :D

Well, nothing much else to report XD I'm just glad the paracetamol took of my headache for my shift at work, which was crazy....as usual...
...the best part of my shift today was the little boy who was trying to tell me all about his Snails at home, but he couldn't quite get the words out so he kept repeating that he had some big snails and some small ones XD

Okay....yeah....now my stomach suddenly started hurting... XP I gotta stop drinking cola at night cos my stomach disagrees with that...not that I drank that much of it anyway, blah, off to bed for me~!
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