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GX episode 31 Reaction post!!

...I wasn't the only one who laughed like a maniac when Chronos got turned into a doll, am I? :D There the show is, trying to be somewhat serious and the rest of the cast is like "Chronos-sensei..." and there's me laughing at it XD
Best thing is, it seems in the next preview it shows that the doll in Manjoume's possesion as Ojama Yellow is playing with it XD

Also you know there is something wrong when the kids seem braver than the adults. Both Chronos and Daitokuchi were crapping themselves at the thought of a vampire XD;;

Oh and the BGM just rocked totally! I adored the music that played a few times with Carmulla on the screen, thus I shalt call it Carmulla's theme until it actually gets a name :D

I'm currently trying to get and download both the buffy the vampire slayer theme and quite possibly that weird Al song about Ebay :D I'm sure both can be used in the parodies somewhere :D
Plus I have the Buffy Musical soundtrack! :D Okay...well...it's a copy that my friend did me but still... XD

I have a feeling I'll be using the "Bratja" song/music a lot when I do the parodies for next week's episode, I tend to use that as the theme for when characters and their brother's are on screen XD If I can fit it in maybe I could write some alternate lyrics and sing it XD;; Especially if Ryou loses then I can sing it as Shou!! XD

"To my brother, who's so brave,
Who lost the Shadow Game~!"

Ryou will probably just tie or something, but imagine the Shou angst if he loses, THE SHOU ANGST!!!

Okay time to pick the scenes I want to do for the parodies :D
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