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I'm more special than YOU!!!

GX 31 is up!!! YAAAAY!
Reaction post in about an hour and a half :D

Anyway I just watched episode 133 of Naruto and daaaaaaaaamn the animation in it was pretty sweet. The fight scenes especially *___* They were all over the place and some scenes looked so funny due to the style of the animation. I liked how Naruto was completely owning Sasuke within the first 4 minutes of the episode :D GO NARUTO~!
Naruto's line about how he wonders if being with Iruka is like having a dad and how being with Sasuke is like having a brother was so sweet ;___; But then Sasuke's Sharingan went to the next level so...yeeeep. I like how Naruto grabbed Sasuke from underneath the water and then started throwing him around on a "rope" made of all his clones XD
But Sasuke burned them all ;____; Then he pile drived Naruto into the ground!! That had to huuuuuuurt >_<;;
But it's then the Kyuubi takes over and I must say, Kyuubi!Naruto is totally bad ass!! :D

Then we say hello to Super Saiyan Drag Queen Lv. 2 Sasuke! :D :D

Can't believe that it's almost the end of this arc O_O Next we get the Kakashi special I imagine and then it goes to the time jump :D Wheee~!
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