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So much anime, so little time...

Well seems my GX review will be slightly late after all XD Saiyaman's BT page seems to be down and someone mentioned on Janime that Saiyaman is on holiday or something so they'd be no torrents until Thursday. I can't see a message like that on the site so I guess it's in the IRC channel or something? *shrugs* I'm gonna take this oppotunity to finish off saving the screenshots I have for episode 30 and maybe also do shots for episode 5.

Well at least I haven't been completly lazy all day, I did go into town so I could post soemthing off for one of my site staff (*I sent the package first class MetalRhynomon so it should get there in a day or two...depending on the mail XD*) AND I also went to buy birthday cards for Helen and my other friend Shani (*She's the one who's in the Royal Navy*) I posted her's off today since her birthday is on the 7th.

Need to finish the Shou picture I've been working and and off with for the past few days. Using layers in Photoshop is intresting and a lot more helpful :D
Hummm since I won't be getting GX today by the looks of it gives me the time to download something else...I need episodes 28 and 29 of Bleach but I also want to carry on watching Mai Hime that sasuke86 recommended to me last night :D I really liked the first episode of it and since it's only 26 episodes long I'm gonna try and get the whole series ^^

You know what....I haven't even downloaded episode 25 of FMA yet...yeah, that's the one I'll get first XD
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