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I need DVD cases XD

Squeeee~! Many thanks too 3am_eclipse who made me some very awesome icons and a banner! I'm gonna be using the banner in my signature for some of the message boards I visit :D And quite possibly in my user information here, which I need to re-do *lol*

My other two Cowboy Bebop DVDs came this morning like expected, it was amusing to listen to the postguy try and force it through the letter box XD

Hummm, I need to see if I can find some empty DVD cases to buy but it seems no where supplies just empty ones, not Dixons, not Currys, not Comet, not Woolworths (*Checked all the web pages of those stores XD*)O_O;
Except, or course, PC World.
Looks like I'm gonna have to convince my dad to run me out to PC World again XD It would have to be Sunday though if it's this week, work phoned up this morning and sounded desprate for people to work on Saturday XD

I'm gonna need a lot too XP I think first I'll make sure if I can make a DVD cover on the computer that can fit a DVD case.

My GX reviews and parodies should come by Thursday this week since this is the week where I don't work Wednesday and Thursday :D YAY! I can't wait for this episode! Chronos Doll~!
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