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Eeee! FMA Figures!!

Well I'm back from my day out! I had a lovely time AND I got what I wanted from the Forbidden Planet store in Nottingham :D Yes there was a whole entire reason why I wanted to go there!
I owe many a thanks to my friend Helen who pointed them out to me as I was looking at the manga section and she was like "There are some figurines up there" and they were right above my head XD;; She got them down for me too cos they were up to high for me to reach~!
So yes...I spent almost £42 on figurines XD But what can I say, I had to get all 4 and luckily two of them (*Winry and Roy*) were cheaper than the price that they had on the packaging (*They had £12.99 on them but they turned out to be £6.99*), Ed was £12.99 and Alphonse was £14.99 X3 Squeeee~!

So yeah, that's pretty much all I got but I had spent up almost all the birthday money my mum gave me just on those *lol*
I also got a DVD for Helen for her birthday :D Talking of Helen she got me two bars of chocolate, a pen and this really cute plushie chicken thing X3

Oh and the first of my Cowboy Bebop DVDs came through the post today!! YAY!! The next two I'm expecting tomorrow.

I need to clean my room so I have a place to put these figurines *lol*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Alphonse and a partially drawn Den (*I need a refrence for Den *lol*)
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