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Okay back to normal....me talking about crap XD

Yeah I feel a lot better now, I was....kinda in a real bad mood earlier ^^;

Anyway time for my annual "Talk about random boring crap" where I talk about the random cool anime episodes I saw today XD *Sunday is always a good day for anime*

First I have to start off by saying that Yami Marik is the king of bizarre facial expressions....
....although he has a very cute pouty expression when Joey gets one up on him in thier duel XD HA!

I'm sorry but that made me laugh XD

Marik also didn't fair too well when Joey uses this card that allows him to ask Marik what the first card at the bottom of his graveyard was (*Therefore the first monster Marik sent there*)If he chooses right the monster can't be played thoughout the rest of the game, if he chooses wrong (*Or not at all*) Joey can summon that said monster.
Poor Marik tries his hardest to think which of Joey's monsters he destoryed first but he can't remember XD Then remembers that he put something in Joey's graveyard which took a monster from his hand each turn or something like that therefore...
...Marik never SAW the first monster that was sent to Joey's graveyard XD And Joey knew that....boy I think that's the smartest I've ever seen him LOL
Although things weren't looking too good for poor Joey at the end of the episode XD

Pokémon wise "A Corphish out of Water" was fun, I have seen the original of that episode and it's pretty cool, I love Corphish XD Best part was when Ash stopped to cool Corphish down thend ecides he's hungry and attempts to take a lunch break when pikachu finds some Berries... I mean come on Ash, your corphish has a dangerously high fever, is that really anytime to be eating O_o;;

Ah now Naruto episode 74, which marks the Kankurou VS Shino fight...I love how Shino uses those bugs in his body to protect him from attacks and create clones of himself....damn cool although slightly creepy...I mean bugs crawling out from someone...ugh!
Also Gaara started his transformation into the sand demon thingy XD (*Can't remember it's name*)Very very creepy....more creepy than bugs living in a person's body, defiantly creeped Sasuke out poor dude XD So next episode it'll be Half-transformed Gaara VS Sasuke...Can't wait until they get to the bit where they look into Gaara's past... makes you feel really sorry for the poor little guy...
...explains why he's so screwed up. ^^;
Ooooh, and after all this we'll be getting into the episodes with Itachi *squeals* Nothing like Evil Older Brothers! Though if I remember via the manga he dissapears after Orochimaru comes back into the story then they go into the story of Sasuke and the 4 Sound Nins which is where they're up to in the manga at the moment... hummm which reminds me... I need to get the latest chapters of the manga...

*pokes Yugioh episode 195 download* I'm not gonna get it all...no way... stupid Bit Torrent, for the last two days I've only been able to get one sorce to download off which only does 6 second stints then stops downloading again... I haven't even got a MB in the last 4 hours (*If longer*) -_-;; Ah well, hopefully I'll be able to get Episode 196 in full later this week but I'm eager to have them get to the episodes where they go to egypt... from what I've seen of the manga that saga will be intresting :D But bad thing is the sooner they get to that the sooner Yugioh will end...
...'tis not meant to run forever like Pokémon XD
It'll be a very sad day when pokemon ends....very sad indeed... I've been obsessed with Pokémon for like almost 5 years, I've been obsessed with yugioh for 3 weeks and the end of the manga made me feel sad (*And I hadn't even read the manga at that point*) XD So it's gonna be triple times worse with Pokémon LOL

Yeah I'm a strange person ^^;

Oh and I forgot to include my review for the Digimon Zero two mangas...
...erm.... cna't say they were great ^^; The story was rushed and Davis' speech was weird, although extremly funny *mostly cos I couldn't understand what he was going on about have the time....* I mean...what's a "bling, Bling" O_o;; And he often bragged about his "Mad Skillz, yo!" *Yes "Skills was spelled with a Z* Ah well it was okay...but I hope the Tamers ones are better.
I still adore the "Homeslice" comment Davis says to Ken though XD If you looked deep enough there were a few good Daiken moments XD Okay well there are if you take things outta context like I do all the time ^^; Hehehehe...
Next manga stop, the Pokémon ones :D
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