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Whahaha! I finally got round to watching the Naruto movie, 'twas pretty awesome despite the fact I wasn't too sure what was going on (*Meh, should have waited for the sub but never mind*) The animation was pretty damn awesome, especially during the battle scenes :D And I must say, I definintely prefer Sasuke BEFORE he became utterly power mad --; I totally adored Sasuke and Sakura's outfits for the movie too :D I want to draw them in those outfits!! X3
But why in the hell did I think of Team Rocket when those snow ninjas were trying to kidnap that lady? Hummmm, maybe cos they were in an air ship and grabbed her with a giant mechanical hand like how Team Rocket often use a similar idea for capturing Pokémon from their balloon XD Hahaha~!

I'm hoping to make many icons from the movie, I've saved a bunch of bases anyway!

Talking of icons:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Suggest something amusing I can put as text on what Sasuke is holding. It has to be something short and I'll see if I can make the suggestions into icons :D
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