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OMG! I Updated! :o

Woah, I just updated PDU, that's always a suprise, huh? XD

Nah I felt I should get some more episode guides up, I'm determined that by the end of Sunday (*Or Monday*) I'll have up the small backlog I have of SaiyanPurehearts guides, plus I need to continue with my own. I also need to get that damn staff page up XD Just need to finish off my own information and tidy it up, give it some kind of a ....layout XD Also need to get the new splash page up and answer my e-mails which I've left for a long time....again XP
And ya know what, maybe one day I'll get round to re-doing the Digimon Character Bios XD;;

Ah~! And I now know how to colour on more than one layer in Photoshop!! It'll make life just that little bit easier I think (*Thanks Nicole :D*) I'm gonna test it out on one of the many pictures I have to colour....maybe I'll tackle the Shou one next.

D00d! It's the first of May~! Not long to my birthday XD Ah I'm such a kid, I always look forward to my birthdays even if it means I'm getting older...I'm still in denial that I'm in my 20s *lol*

Oh and I watched episodes 1-4 of Frontier earlier. I was actually only testing to make sure the episodes worked on my DVD player but got carried away and watched the first 4 episodes. I'm hoping on Tuesday when I go out for my birthday i'll be able to get a lot of empty DVD cases so I can pretend the Frontier CDs are DVDs *lol* It's just doing the covers that'll be hard cos it's doing them so they'll fit....hummmm...
Already decided that Takuya will be on the cover for the first one and it'll have a red theme. One the back will be like random screenshots from some episodes, a description of what happens, the episode titles (*If I can find the Japanese ones somewhere*) and one other smaller picture, maybe of some random character (*I'm thinking maybe Kouji posing with that pole in episode 2 or just some random Digimon, like a Floramon...or Minomon....not sure...*)

Oh well, best be getting to bed~! Just two more days to work (*Yeah I'm working Monday now, I knew they'd ask me, but meh, I get paid extra for working a bank holiday and it's only 4 hours, might as well XD*)
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