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Dub names?

OMG! Could it be true? Could 4Kids really be keeping the GX characters names reletivly untouched?
See for yourselves :D


It seems they MAY be keeping their original names, according to the bios, but they still have the warning that the names are subject to change so our prayers for untouched names may not be quite answered yet, BUT hopefully they WILL keep these names :D
The only actual changes I see so far is:
Hane Kuriboh -----> Winged Kuriboh - Which is a change most people expected anyway.
They also call Kaiser Ryou a "king" which again, is another change that was expected, I was hoping they'd keep Kaiser but nevermind ^^;
Also they mention in Juudai's bio that Yugi gave him "Winged Kuriboh" so we can safely say that the 100 year thing is safely out of the window *sighs with relief and closes the window so the idea can't get back in*

I'm still gonna wait a while before adding their "Dub" names to my bios, just incase they change XD

YAY! I'm getting better speeds on the Naruto movie download now :D Eeeee! I want to watch! I want to watch! I.....also need to download episodes 131 and 132 O_O;;

Talking of Naruto the 3rd soundtrack freakin rocks! So much lovely music~! My ultimate favoruite tracks are "Dance" and "Swaying necklace" which I call the "Tsunade angst music" XD;;

Okay, only 3 OSTs I want now:
- 3rd Fullmetal Alchemist OST (*Out May 18th if I remember, cos that is the same day as my best friends birthday*)
- Bleach OST (*Hahaha! Just randomly browsing around CDJapan I found out that the Bleach OST is also due out on May 18th :D YAY!*)
- Yu-Gi-Oh GX OST (*I'm not expecting this one out for a while, since they only just released the final sound duel CD for the last series*)

WOW! Browsing around amazon.co.uk now it seems England are finally getting the cowboy Bebop DVDs this year for the series :D OMG! YAY! I'm gonna go and order the first three or something cos I loved that series, but never got to watch it all X3
Apparnetly "Witch Hunter Robin" is out on May 23rd. I've seen a lot of people like that and wondered if it was worth getting when it comes out.

Hummmm, anyway review a little later on, I need to eat first XD
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