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GAAAAAAAH!!!!! ><;;;;;;;

Togepi is tired, Togepi is angry, Togepi wants to strangle the people who make things like adware and Trojan horses. Oooooh yes, Togepi has just spent countless hours scanning her computer with three different programmes, one after the other.
All adware, as far as I knew, had been removed. There was just one remaining problem, a trojan that had found it's way onto my computer, although harmless in most nature, it attracts adware, so as I'm typing this it's bound to be infecting my computer right after I got rid of it all...
....this Trojan sits in my Java file in Windows, it's hidden and I can't find it, Norton anti-virus is being a pain and I can't remove it at all....it refuses to be deleted, refuses to be quarantined....
....I don't know how to get rid of it!! ;_;

I read something about starting my computer in "safe mode" maybe I'll follow that and see...
...but not right now....no....I'm too tired....I need sleep...

GX review tomorrow, parodies are done, review is done (*But not yet spellchecked*), chosen screenshots need to be saved....so yes....tomorrow....all tomorrow...
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