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GX episode 30 reaction post...

....this is the first episode that made me want to cry...
....they all need hugs ;_____; Lots of hugs...
...the end was just so.....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *cries*
I love GX when the angst gets into the crack :D seems to make an intresting mixture.

Oh and if you thought Ryou having pink bedsheets was bad....
....Chronos has love hearts on his.... :D :D I kid you not!

Well we get to see Camilla next week, much vampire love! :D
I forsee much Buffy the Vampire slayer jokes parody wise.

I want to do the Asuka angst scene for a parody, I haven't a clue what I'll do, but I want to see if I can pull off half decent angst acting XD

Good thing I brought the Academy Nurse back for the RP XD She's got herself two patiants now hahahahaha!

OMG! OMG! This arc is so awesome!!!!! X3 *Spazzes*
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