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GX bios...w00t?

Well I've uploaded all the new character bios I've been working on for PDU's GX section. The new ones include bios for: Daitokuchi, Chronos, Hane Kuriboh, Chosaku Manjoume, Shoji Manjoume, Jun Manjoume, Ojama Yellow, Pharaoh and Tome :D


I also added a link to the Anime News Network which is where I get the VA information from ^^; I decided to leave doing Fubuki's bio for now, I want to see exactly what episode 30 brings before I attempt a bio for him.

Hummm, if you see any mistakes in information or things you think I should add ect. then feel free to say :D I write the bios from memory of things I've read all over the net so...yeah XD;; Sometimes I have to double check stuff but most of it is stored in my head.
It's funny, ask me something like someone's name and even if I should know it I probably don't, ask me to name as many GX characters as possible or tell them their back stories and I'll probably be able to relay most of the information with very little problem.

There's no hope for me, is there? XD

I need to get something to eat O_O;
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