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Let me sleeeeeep....

Hummmm... I seem to be having trouble sleeping recently. Mostly it seems to be the hamster keeping me awake with her super bar chewing marathon every night, but usually that doesn't annoy me so much, only once every so often, but recently it's been keeping me awake every single night and I have to make movements or noises to get her attention and make her stop...but she soon starts again. That and because I'm so tired and just want to sleep I just start getting frustrated and start feeling restless after that >>;

The sun is out again today after it rained quite a bit yesterday, glad I had my umbrella XD
It's gonna be a looooong day at work today, especially since I'm working longer than usual, plus it's GX day.
I won't be able to download the episode until I get home from work tonight -_-;; Ah well, I usually get good speeds off Saiyaman so I'll download it, then watch it before going to bed XP

This computer needs a good looking over, when I load webpages the pages freeze for a little bit before fully loading >>; If only I had the time to do all the scans and the defrag and the scan disk and anything else it needs doing to it (*Like saving certain large episode files to disk*)
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