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A Trojan? Greeeeeat.... -_-;;

Darn, I finally installed the version of Spy Sweeper that I got from PC World and I was only motivated too cos something kept trying to access the internet O_O; Oh boy did I have a LOT of adware on this thing, lots of adware and....a trojan.....wonderful >>; I really hope that trojan wasn't on this computer when my dad ordered the paid accounts for LJ and DA cos it's one that fishes out finacial information ;_; Though after getting rid of ALL that the computer is STILL running slow...but at least I don't have an annoying pop up now which tells me I'm trying to search for things I'm not -_-;;

Hummm, has DA been playing up for anyone else recently, I keep getting page cannot be displayed messages a whole lot, especially when I try and get into the messages part....
....okay....now they've decided to preform system maintance just when I was posting a comment back to some one...ack....annoying....

I think I might work a bit on PDU today, get up a few episode guides and maybe update the GX section with a few characters. I seriously also need to catch up on my FMA small summaries too *lol* I got behind after they reached the uber serious episodes XD;; I'm still thinking of doing small summaries for GX too but they probably won't be as detailed...depends on how much I know about each episode.

Meh, have to go into work early tomorrow XP But at least I'm not working Monday :D

Oh and my birthday is a week today!! :D :D YAAAAAY!!!
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