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That's a lot of pictures...

I suddenly went into cleaning mode at about 3pm, so I hovered both the dining room/kitchen and living room XD Then I started on cleaning my bedroom, I didn't do much but at least the area in front of the computer is cleaned away. Also while going through random piles of paper I found a bunch of pictures I sketched out but never finished. One of Shou, one of Tea, one of Marik (*Which is an art trade XD*) and one of Max and Jirachi. Looks like I've got a lot to do XD

Oh and FINALLY finshed that 3GB download *lol* Ah, classic Pokémon <3

I need to remember to watch the Incredibles tonight. I really should give my brother the DVD back tomorrow ^^;

I really should have gone outside today, it's so pretty and sunny :/
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