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Server stuff makes Togepi Cry.....


Which Sonic X Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tails is my fav! *reminds herslef that she REALLY had to get round to watching Sonic X on ITV*

You are Hikari, nice and friendly.
You're Hikari, child of light!

Which Digimon 02 character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

LOL I knew I would get Kari, I always do on Digimon 01/02 quizess XD

Which PPG are you?

Eee! I love Bubbles!

Well I managed to get SOME things done today... okay well I managed to get through my DA messages at least -_-;;
My Yugioh download I've had on most of the day and I've got....what? Just over 2MB in that WHOLE TIME *kicks stupid Bit Torrent* I mean COME ON it was working fine last night! I knew I should of stayed up until like 5AM trying to get it instead of going to bed -_-;;

I also have been server searching for PDU quite a bit of today...
...it's so hard -_-;; All these palces I've never heard of and that don't seem reliable after all I'll be trusting them with my money....I only went with Lycos last time cos they're well known *Slams head against a wall*

I have found ONE host that seems good, I haven't found any complaints on them anyway...but...I dunno...

Ooooh! Naruto central has up episode 74 of Naruto! YAYNESS! Least I get to watch one of the animes this week... I might have to end up watching Yugioh with bits cut out where the bits I haven't downloaded are X_x; In the words of Shikamaru - "How troublesome..."

Okay time to sleep, Ash goes on a trip with his Corphish in the morning and Joey continues to duel Yami Marik :D YAY!
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