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Memory Lane is an Intresting Place!

Well i should have been doing this, that and the other, but instead I sat down and watch the 100 greatest kids shows on channel 4 cos a walk down memory lane is gooooooood. The Top 10 was so very different from the 100 greatest cartoons one they had a few months or so ago, but one thing remained the same...
....the Simpsons were at number 1 XD
Pokémon got in at number 73. In the cartoon one it got in at 45.
Hahaha, I love remembering all those shows I used to watch XD Awesome~!

Ah, watching those makes me wish I had good ideas for a cartoon, but my ideas for Herbie go no where outside making badly drawn comics that make fun of stuff I find annoying but even that has gotten hard now cos it's hard to place him in a sketch about where I work for some bizarre reason, though I did do one the other day and he was in the last panal, it was various customer reactions to chip and pin (*That thing I had training for a while ago, your payment card has a little chip and you punch in a PIN number instead of signing, sounds simple buuuuut ooooooh no not for some people*) I so have to sketch that out proparly one day <3 And do some more comics poking fun at the annoying things in life by using a strange orange hamster.

I best stop writing before I start continuing to put weird tired ramblings here O_o;
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