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You have repeated an appeal!

Well I put together the coordinator picture, none of the characters are to scale really, it just got messy if I tried XD It looks okay anyway, tis just like a collage of them. Now it needs colour~!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I started colouring my Juudai LJ layout piccie, got his face and part of his hair done XD Also managed to finish off the guide for "True Blue Swablu" for PDU AND took some screenshots from two other episodes, hummmmm busy busy~! :D Just need the patiance to go through the rest of the tape now.

Time left for that season 1 Pokémon download.... 7 hours...
...I'll get it by tomorrow I'm sure :D
I still have Bleach, Naruto and FMA to download O_o; Meeeep!

Dude...it's Sunday....it's almost 8pm....I just remembered, Joey is on in a minute O_O;
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