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Episode Guide time!

Hahahaha~! Team Rocket getting drunk on some strange blue liquid water is still one of the best Team Rocket scenes ever! XD I'm I'm so very suprised that was all kept in, I mean they sounded drunk as well XD
Also Max fanboying over Oak is also classic :D

So today I need to divide my time, between fanart and episode guides...hummm...I'll do the episode guides first as I need a lot of patiance for them, especially if I'm writing them.
Now just one question!
....where's my VCR control? Oo;
Okay first order of buisness! Write the Guide for "True Blue Swablu!" :D
Hummm might try and finish off that season one pokemon download today...I don't think I'll be getting the other 3GB files....I have no patiance...
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