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I love my Butterfree!!

YAY! Last night I defeated Brock!! Ph34r Junko the Butterfree who had the only attack out of all of them that could do some decent damage (*Confusion attack is love!!*) I was able to have her take out his Geodude then I decided since his Onix's Rock Tomb attack was so deadly I'd try and get it's HP down using the other Pokémon, so I allowed it to get paralyzed via Pikachu's static effect thing then kept attacking it with the attacks that didn't work so well, but by the time Junko was the only one left the Onix's HP was down quite a bit, one confusion attack and it WENT DOWN! HAHAHAHA!

I'm at the point where I go into mt. moon now :D

I had a weird dream about ghosts just before I woke up. Something about a lady and her daughter bought a really big house and it was like their dream house, but apparently the previous owners couldn't get rid of it fast enough, turns out it was swimming with spirits, there were loads XD A lot of them were bad spirits too. So they were about ready to bail on this house and I went in it and I was like "Man, I wish we has a Soul Reaper right now" then Ichigo and Rukia appeared out of nowhere XD YAY!!

Hey my dad agreed to walk into town with me today (*Cos it's nice and sunny*) that was a shock, usually he just gives me a grumpy "no". I actually wanted to go cos I wanted to post something off but apparently post offices shut around 12pm or so on Saturday so I'll have to post it off Monday now XP

Hummm, gonna get through these DA messages now X3
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