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Fubuki! In colour!

YAY! I finished colouring Fubuki! :D


Five minutes into my work shift today and I was wishing I could have gone home XP Blah, have any of you ever done anything stupid, but never really could think of a reason why you did it? I'm forever doing stupid things, a lot more now than when I was younger, makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me...
....chances are it's too much computer radiation XD
Though it also could just be my unconfidence, I have no idea if that's getting better or worse sometimes. Sure, since working there I can find I can communicate with strangers a bit better and I can even waltz off to Meadowhall (*Yeah same place I went on Wednesday*) on my own, something I wouldn't have dared doing like 4 years ago. But then there are times my confidence really does suffer and once again I find it hard to talk without sounding like an idiot, or find it hard to do things....I dunno...I think my confidence changes from day to day really Oo; I personally don't think I'll ever fully overcome my unconfidence, no matter how many social situations I'm put in....but if I at least have enough confidence to get by in life, like now, I'm fine...I just have to get used to the fact that unconfidence makes me do stupid things >>;

Oooh, as for my Pokémon game I have this lineup so far:
Juudai the Charmander
Asuka the Rattata
Fubuki the Pidgey
Junko the Metapod (*Only one level away from evolving to Butterfree!!*)
And a Pikachu who wasn't named cos I acctidently hit the wrong button so I'll have to wait until I get to Lavender Town to name it XP Took me a long time to find one in Viridian forest too.

Yeah I always name every single Pokémon I catch and it was typical I went with GX names (*Fubuki really seemed to suit the Pidgey for some odd reason and Juudai will one day evolve into a big bad ass Charizard <3*)

Dude! I so want a Meowth so I can call it Alphonse X3

Note to self: Continue working on Juudai mood theme.
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