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GX episode 29 reaction post~!

Well things certainly seem to be getting serious now, although of course we get some lovely GX brand of crack as well, this show wouldn't be right without it, but the duel against Darkness hadn't gone on for long before Juudai was feeling the effects of it XD Poor guy!

...am I the only one who thought "BATMAN" when you saw Darkness glide over the island? ....HA!

You also got to see the silhouettes of the 7 er....well they didn't seem to call them Assassins, they called them the 7 Stars (*Assassins sounds more scarier to me personally XD*) I dunno which is right, whatever, I'm still going to call them the assassins cos that is a much more suited word to describe them....stars make them sound like they're aiming to be on Pop Idol or whatever XD
Anyway I think I can see 7 people in the shots... actually make that 6 people and a big cat of some sort, so one is apparently an Animage (*That's what the people are called who can turn into animals in Harry potter right?*)

Oh yeah and out of curiosity I decided to compare silhouettes with the screenshots of the missing kids on the computer screen in episode 22. One seems to have the same hairstyle as one of the other missing kids, I have a feeling that all these assassins (*Stars....whatever*) are indeed the missing kids from the forbidden dorm :D Guess we'll see when the others start appearing.

Oh yeah and I'm sure they're brainwashed and being controlled, their eyes keep glowing spooky red O_O;

Oh and the three cards in the academy...er...well looking at the dimly lit image they don't look quite like the god cards, but their colours are indeed Blue, Red and Yellow....hummmmm....interesting.

Wow...this reaction post wasn't supposed to be this long XD But I had a lot to say and a lot to wonder...

Oh yeah, and Asuka doesn't show a hint at recognizing her brother, but I'll cut her some slack, he is stood a fair bit away from them it seems. Hopefully we'll get the chance to have her recognize him in the next episode :D

Parodies and Review tomorrow~!
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