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YAY! GX episode 29 is up already~! *Downloads*

Anyway I went to Meadowhall today, at first I didn't feel like going cos the weather is so crap right now, such a change from yesterday, but I did go and it was pretty cool. Got there by almost midday and of course the first shop I hit is the one with the manga <3 I managed to get volume 7 of Fruits Basket YAY! Saves me ordering it from amazon anyway. I also finally bought Pokémon Fire Red X3 Might play on that in a minute, hehehe~! I was looking for that Yugioh game I like to play too but could only find the 2005 one. I was tempated to buy it just for the fact that one of the cards in it was that Kaibaman monster which freakin' rocks, I can't wait until the GX episode with him in it X3 *lol* But nah, I just settled for getting Fire Red.

Got one thing for Helen, couldn't find much to get her though, besides I just have just under a month so I'll keep looking~!

Also got some things I needed from Sainsbury's, like some food for the hamster XD

Oh well, I'll go play Fire Red while GX is downloading X3
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