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Pokémon Contest~!

Hummmm, I wonder why I thought trying to download a 3GB file of the first 20 episodes of the first dubbed season of Pokémon was a good idea? :/ I guess cos the guides for these need doing on my site and it saves on video tapes *Looks at pile of video tapes on bedroom floor* Hummm it would have been much better if I had some really fast download speeds but I don't and it currently says it's gonna take 45 hours for me to get it XD;; Plus there is another torrent with more episodes O_o; Hummmm....

Anyway talking of Pokémon I actually managed to get round to watching the Grand Festival Pokémon contest episodes just now. Ahhh~! Such pretty Pokémon attacks. It made me want to draw pretty pictures of May, Shuu and Harley <3 Harley is an utter jerk but ya gotta love him for it~! May's battle against Shuu was awesome X3
Snorunt's evolution scares me....it's a freaky possesed mask of some sort O_O; And yes....Harley's Banette (*I think it's called a Banette*) is also extremly freaky looking, he seems to like his scary Pokémon huh? But damn I love his outfit and the fact that he has purple hair <3 He just needs to work on his attitude, he has some serious issues to work out, some very scary serious issues.
Also Shuu has a Flygon! Squeeeee~! I love Flygon's!

Ahhhh, so much to draaaw~! I still need to start my picture of Juudai and his bling and within the next few weeks I wanna draw a birthday picture of my character Herbie the Hamster, since he has the same birthday as me (*Created him on my 17th birthday*) So he's five whole years old this year, can't believe it's been that long. Seems like only yesterday I was listening to that hamster dance song and doodling him in the back of a writing pad, upset cos I had a crappy day at college that day and on my birthday no less XP Yes....Herbie was the product of birthday angst!
I still have the original doodles of him somewhere X3

Man I really feel like drawing. I'm off to look through some refrence pictures I took for Shuu, Harley and May. I want to draw them so badly right now~! X3

Yeah....I currently don't have a Juudai icon for "Artistic" XD;;
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