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You know you're stupid when you lose Hamster Treats...

I bought a Christmas present for my Hamster...then lost it somewhere between woolworths and the car park O_o;; Dunno how I managed that...I'm being quite forgetful and stuff today...
...bought some pokemon cards while they were there... got an Absol card ^____^ So I'm happy.

Okay I erm ... *cough*...borrowed this from


since it was there and I have no life... what? I like filling in pointless quizzes ^_^;;

1) What's The First Fandom You Wrote Fics For?: Good old Pokémon

2) What's The Most Recent Fandom You've Written Fics For?: Digimon

3) What's The Title Of You First Fanfic?: Oh gosh I think it was
"Merry Christmas, Team Rocket"

4) Does It Suck Beyond The Telling Of It?: More than likely

5) Is It Slash Or Het?: Actually it was before I got seduced with the
idea of couplings really so...yep...nothing...

6) What Was Your First Pairing?: Jesse/James

7) What's Your Fav. Pairing Now?: Takuya/Kouji

8) What Pairing Makes Your Eyes Bleed And Your Loins Turn Into Monkey Guts?:

9) What Are Your Most Common Fic Pairings?: Hummm I'd say Jesse/James,
Takuya/Kouji, I did Kouichi/Kari once lol, erm... Brock/Tracey, Delia/Oak... oh
and many more can't think... Oh how can I forget the lovely pairing of Giovanni/
a Lampost XD

10) What Pairing Did You Swear You'd Never Write But Eventually Did?:
Probably Brock/Tracey, I hated it enough.

11) What Pairing Do You Swear You Will Never, Ever Write, Even If Your
Favorite Character Promised To Make Sweet Love To You In Their
Crypt/Hotel/Van/Haunted Apartment/Prison Cell/Flat If You Did?:

12) What's The Wackiest Situation You've Ever Put Your Character In?:
Read the "Tad fics" You'll get an idea... first one that comes to mind
was the disturbing scene with Jesse, James, Scott Tracey in Thunderbird
one....don't ask... just...don't...cola does strange things to your head...

...or maybe the time I had Yolei marry the colour blue....or the time Tracey
gave birth to Togepi/Tracey hybrid clone things....or the whole lampost thing

13) How Many Times Has Magic Solved/Created The Main Problem/Plot In Your
Erm... could say magic kinda brought James back from the dead in one
and then...killed Meowth in return...

14) What Pairing Do You Hate To Admit Indulging In, Despite Your Better
Probably Koukou ^_^;;

15) Can You Remember The First Fanfic You Ever Read? Erm...just...I think
it was a Pokémon/Digimon fic...cna't remember much about it though....

16) How Long Have You Been Involved In Internet Fandoms?: Erm...probably
just before I launched my site...somewhere in the year 2000

17) Ever Written A Crossover?: Yes! I wrote a digimon crossover and I'm
currently working on a fic which crosses over many animes ^_^;;

18) Best Crossover Fic You've Ever Read?: Can't really remember if I've
read any O_o that I can remember anyway....

19) What Pairing Do You Want To Write, But Don't Think You Could?: I
dunno, I could probably do most pairings if it's in a humorous story XD

Okay that's enough of that I REALLY need to get started on an oekaki I said I was gonna do at oekaki central today...since I've had the account there since like the begining of december and haven't drawn a thing there ^_^;;
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