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43....e-mails... *twitches*...I only went through them the other day...
...doesn't help when 22 of them are from the same person -_-;; Not that I'm against them sending fanart...they could of at least grouped some of the pictures together and not send one per e-mail -_-;; This is gonna take longer than I thought....ah well....I'll just tell them not to do it next time and not to send so many pictures all at once...I even state on my rules that you can only send 1-5 pieces at a time and that doesn't mean per e-mail you send >_< Gaaaaah....

Jobs to do today:

- Get through these e-mails
- Get through my messages on DA
- Update PDU
- Finish download of new Yugioh episode
- Eat at some point ... O_o; *is hungry*
- Attempt to start the finale of the Tad Fic Ham Ham Hamster Saga
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