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Ramblings about work XD

Ya know, tonight at work I was barely on the checkouts, it went dead after about an hour or so into my shift. So they ended up taking me off and putting me on the BWS section (*Beers, Wines and Spirits*) they usually put me on there cos I spent the first year and a half working on that section XD (*For those who don't know*)....man...I never realized how much I prefer the checkouts to being back on that section...just a few hours on there and I really wanted to go back cos it reminded me of all the things I quite disliked about that section. Running around after the person who has the key to all the wine stored in the warehouse is one, the fact that it's a kind of lonely job is another. I find the checkouts is a lot more sociable with the other people I work with, you get to talk to them but on the wines aisle you always worked on your own at night.

Yeah I did have some aspects I enjoyed on there, but that was back when that was the only job I knew. I know realize just how much I sucked on that section, I was way too weak, way too small and way too slow for it. The only thing I was ever really praised on was that I always did a good job tidying the shelves up (*But even that was a bad thing in itself cos it took me a long time to do, but the end result was good*) but on the checkouts I seem to get a lot more positive feedback for how I work despite the few hiccups here and there (*Meh, everyone gets those I assume*) I really seem to be doing a better job on there than on the wines aisle XP I feel more needed on the checkouts, that I'm actually doing soemthing good, I always felt like a burden on the BWS aisle even though the people I worked with on there said I wasn't.

Heh, it's funny, none of the original people I worked with on that section are on there anymore. One moved to the cafe, one moved to the frozen section and one.....moved to Tesco (*Another supermarket chain*) XD He says Tesco is better to work for *lol*

Okay that's enough rambling about work XD

Hummm, other news I'm working on an oekaki of Pharaoh :D Cos even the kitty needs fanart~! I'm using a screenshot from episode 27 of GX as a refrence to Pharaoh and the background and even though the background doesn't look quite like the screenshot, I'm kinda happy with how it's turning out :D Hummm, I just have Pharaoh to colour and a few other things to add and I'm done X3 That'll be done tomorrow though.

Ack! I should sleep XD

Oh yeah and quote of the day goes to the Sky One advert for new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and some other cartoon about dragons that I saw this morning.
"One boy, one Dragon and one little yellow Japanese thing!"
XD That so made me laugh, they really need to get people who actually know about the shows to do the adverts, maybe then they won't seem so....hillariously random XD
Oh and second best quote in that advert had to be when they showed a clip of Yami Yugi and the voice over guy said: "In a world of bad haircuts!"

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