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Fun, Fun~!

Well uploaded a bit more of the Juudai mood theme, still loads to go now. I want to try and have different pictures for each mood, but I probably won't get them all straight away. I'm hoping episode 29 gives me some good Juudai mood pictures X3 (*I need more picture of him sad....that's gonna be hard to find XD*)

Hopefully I'll get round to drawing a picture of Juudai (*Complete with his new "bling" XD*) for the background. I could use a better picture of his key though :/ but I might be able to draw it from the preview~!

Also played about a bit in DA. I made a poll! :D Squeee! <3

Okay well I gotta be getting ready for work soon :p

Oh yeah and I'm working on some new GX icons, just very very slowly XD I made this Philosopher's stone one a few nights ago just cos I can't let that joke go XD I put a little glow effect on it too XD;;
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