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Paid Accounts!? :o

Whoooo! Guess who might be getting a years paid account at both Live Journal and Deviant Art? :D :D
I managed to catch my dad in a decent mood so I asked him if he could get me a paid account at both places for my birthday. After showing him the sites and the prices and telling him sevreal times that once the yearly subscription ends there is no automatic renewal and my accounts will go back to being free, he seemed like he trusted it :D
I think he wants to take a better look later but hopefully I've won him over with it X3 This means I can use my Juudai mood theme <3 AND I can have more than 3 icons!! YAY!

And having a paid account on deviant art will help a lot :D Especially since I've been getting so behind in the messages at that place, the thumbnails and being able to see the comments straight off should help :D

Eeee! I hope he fully agrees to this!! <3
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