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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 28 - Pain is nothing to me!! :D :D

YES! This week I have actually finished the parodies and the review for Thursday. Sure it's almost midnight, but I just made it :D

Some of you have already seen the parodies and I'm glad you liked them :D Yes, I always put the parodies up first before the review *lol* I feel they weren't as good as last week, but the fact that Juudai recieved an item with a red stone in it was just a stroke of pure luck XD He has a fake Philosopher's stone now according to my bizarre parody land *lol*

Anyway ENJOY~!


So we start off with a reminder of how last weeks episode finished, with Juudai trying to activate Friendock's ability, finding out he can't and then realizing his friends lives are screwed if he loses :D

Anyway his friends cheer on the best they can from their positions while Daitokuchi seems unusually calm, well that is until he freaks out, but yeah be was acting freaky again XD
Juudai, not yet beaten, goes to take his next turn and draws his little fluffball buddy. Hane Kuriboh starts bouncing all happy-like and Juudai breaths a big sigh of relief, he seems to have no reason to worry now he's drawn Hane Kuriboh.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hane Kuriboh is so adorable here X3

So Hane Kuriboh disappears from beside Juudai and then Juudai summons him onto the field before ending his turn. Tombkeeper leader seems to know all about what Hane Kuriboh can do. Anyway he takes his turn and then tells the Tombkeeper's Assassin to attack Hane Kuriboh.
Juudai takes this chance to activate a face down magic card. Why it's the return of his "Wings of evolution" magic card! :D YAY!
But yes, as Hane Kuriboh evolves to Level 10 Tombkeeper leader activates some other card and some dude starts wrestling with Hane Kuriboh Lv. 10 O_o; Anyway thanks to that Hane Kuriboh is back in it's original form, thus the Tombkeeper leader as the assassin take out Hane Kuriboh.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Juudai: - "Beat him, hane Kuriboh! I put all my money on you winning!"

Anyway Tombkeeper leader places a card face down and ends his turn. But Juudai still isn't phased as he yells at his opponent about his friends. He takes his turn and as some rather funky sounding music starts up Juudai activates Pot of Greed. He draws two cards then summons Dark Catapulter. He then places one magic card up and three other cards down on the field. Tombkeeper Leader starts his turn and the magic card Juudai played means he can draw 4 cards.
Well the Tombkeeper leader carries on with his turn and it seems by getting rid of the Tombkeeper's her sorcerer is it? He manages to summon HIMSELF! After that he manages to also play one of the Tombkeeper guard people and then plays a trap card to place that tombkeeper sorcerer back on the field O____o; Then Juudai screams as he loses 500 life points thanks to that damn chanting sorcerer ;___; Eeeep!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Juudai tries to go super saiyan...

Poor Juudai falls to his knees as the lids close even further on the caskets containing his friends. Although in pain, Juudai manages to keep a determined streak as he gets up. Some more awesome music starts up as he starts yapping about Yugi Motou XD Tombkeeper Leader sends the assassin lady into battle and dark catapulter switches to attack mode. But the Assassin is taking her time to attack, like she's holding back. This gives Juudai time to activate his emergency rations magic card to up his life points. The Tombkeeper's assassin finally attacks and blows up Dark catapulter, but when she returns to her side of the field the Tombkeeper Leader goes and slaps her one for holding back on the attack.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh well Tombkeeper leader is the next to attack, luckily Juudai manages to evade this by playing his "Drain Shield" trap card which also ups his lifepoints. Not best pleased he then has the guard dude attack Juudai directly and this one hits , sending Juudai flying to the floor. His life points decrease as he struggles trying to get up. He then has the sorcerer attack and Juudai just screams in utter agony and at this point I was sat on my edge of my seat feeling extremely sorry for the guy....those screams....they sounded so full of pain ;____;
The lids on the caskets move further over his friends as daitokuchi screams about being scared or something XP

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That looks so painful... ;_____;

Juudai is on his knees trying to catch his breath while the Tombkeeper leader looks pretty damn pleased with himself. Then Juudai moves into a sitting position and....
....GIVES OUT THE HUGEST SMILE EVER! Honestly, you'd think all that pain he just felt was just a walk in the park for him. That dude has some serious stamina! He then gets up and barely seems phased at all.
Okay, so his stamina could possibly rival that of Naruto's XD But if you think of it Naruto only has wild stamina cos of the Kyuubi....Juudai don't have any nine-tailed fox sealed in him XD His stamina is natural!
....why am I comparing a duelist to a ninja? O_o; Hummmm....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"OMG! Lets go out and get pizza after this!!!!"

Anyway the Tombkeeper leader plays a magic card that seems to put all the monsters in Juudai's hand to the graveyard. Ah man that sucks! Now he only has a magic card in his hand which is ...I think it's called "Returning warrior alive" or whatever...basically he can't use it cos of Necrovalley, so yep, it's pretty useless.
Well juudai takes his next turn and draws his next card while flinging his hair about XD Anyway he manages to draw Edgeman. He looks down at the two cards in his hand and a smirk grows on his face. It seems like Juudai can summon Edgeman with a little help from a new E-Hero that happens to be in his graveyard. Ya see when Tombkeeper leader got rid of the 3 monster cards in his hand one of them was a monster named "E-Hero Necro Darkman" and so I've read when his guy is in his graveyard he can summon any E-hero I think, even if it needs a sacrifice or whatever. So he's able to summon Edgeman :D He has Edgeman take out the Tombkeeper sorcerer dude and the Tombkeeper leader LOSES! YAY!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I just post this cos it seems so un-natural to be able to see Juudai's ear XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
E-Hero Necro Darkman

Juudai goes to say his catchphrase as Necrovalley disappears. The other monsters run to the Tombkeeper leaders side and Juudai also runs up asking if he's okay, only getting spears and stuff pointed at him, but the Tombkeeper leader tells them to stop. Juudai then tells the Tomb Keeper that it was an interesting duel much to the leader's surprise! Then Juudai starts complimenting them XD
Soon after the Tombkeeper leader removes a pendent from his neck and holds it out for Juudai to take. Juudai climbs up to where the leader is and takes it. He soon after puts it around his neck.
The Tombkeeper leader then releases his friends.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
When fandoms collide?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Better picture of the item

Later on they're all stood together. Daitokuchi talks a little bit then Juudai seems to ask how they can get back to their own world. The Tombkeeper leader looks up to the sky and them returning has something to do with the three lights in the sky. (*I think they have to be at the arch before they move together to become one light*)

Suddenly angry guards seem to march out of nowhere and they don't seem pleased and ignore their leader when he tells them to stop. They descend on Juudai with spears held high but luckily the Assassin lady saves him, but her hood gets ripped and it falls down, revealing that she is indeed the lady Juudai met in the last episode (*Man, we all knew THAT!*)
"Sorry, I'm the Tombkeeper Assassin" she says to Juudai then she talks a hell of a lot. Eventually she raises her voice at the guards and they part to let Juudai and co through. Hane Kuriboh appears and leads the way, the others follow (*But not before Shou rubs his eyes in a "I think I'm seeing things"*) kinda way XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Tombkeeper Assassin lady!

So the gang run off following the fluffball. That is, until Hayato trips up and hurts his knee! (*Yeah there had to be one final obstacle, there always is*) the others stop running and Juudai goes back for him. The pretty rainbow lights in the sky start up. "Hurry! Hurry and run!" Hayato tells them but Juudai isn't going to leave without him.
It's at this point one of Hayato's monsters, Des Koala, makes an appearance. Poor Shou starts rubbing his eyes again, but he has no time to question about random flying fluffballs and Giant Koalas. So with Hayato on the back of Des Koala the group continue to run towards the arch. They reach it just as the green lasers start shooting from the ground and so the group disappears in a green orichalcos like light :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"To the Juudai mobile!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
When you didn't think the crack could get any worse...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"The Orichalcos is taking our SOULS!!!!"

The sun is shining, a breeze is moving the grass.... the group are back to their own world.
Asuka and Juudai are sat together by part of the now ancient arch, Asuka resting her head on Juudai (*Now you can't help but just go "Awwwwww!" can you? Seriously it's so adorable X3 *) Anyway Hane Kuriboh's voice sounds and Juudai slowly wakes up. He notices all his friends are still unconscious so he sits Asuka up and he stands up. He notices Hane Kuriboh's card on the floor. He picks it up and after looking towards his friends he notices Des koalas card is laying on the floor next to Hayato.
He seems to wonder if it was a dream, but he looks down and he still has the item the Tombkeeper Leader gave him, hanging around his neck. He knows it wasn't a dream. The Shadow Duel, the spirits and the other world, they were all real!! :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I declare this as one of the most adorable pictures EVER!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It was all real!

And there ends the episode! Those were two awesome episodes and ya know what, this episode is probably the most tense I've been while watching an episode of GX, I was sat on the edge of my seat just eager to know what happened next *__*

Well I think I'll be getting a LOT of that cos we're getting more Shadow Duels where that came from and the preview ended up giving us more questions since it seems the first assassin "Darkness" is none other than Asuka's missing brother! O_O
Is he being controlled? Are the other assassins missing students too? What in the hell is Asuka gonna think and react? Will we get any pretty flashbacks? (*I like flashbacks, we need more of them in GX*)
I can pick up on them mentioning "Three cards" and "Yami no Item" in the preview but that's about it XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Oh yeah and I just have to add that I hope you all know I was joking when I said Juudai has a Philosopher's stone in my last post ^^; I only really noticed how that could be taken as fact by the untrained eye.
I just don't want militant Yu-Gi-Oh fans coming and tearing me shread by shread cos I acctidently started some rumor that Juudai has a Philosopher's stone XD;;
Remeber, some things that I post here is just me messing around, making jokes. It's best to not take me seriously, tis why I post these reviews here and not in a community ^^;
Juudai with a Philosopher's stone would be funny though
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