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You've crossed into my Soul... now play a Shadow Game with me! >3

Geez after reading the first volume of the Yugioh Manga (*and almost all the way through the 2nd one*) I can come to the safe conclusion that I'll never look at the characters the same again XD Which isn't a bad thing...

The Manga is just truely awesome, not only does it have good old Yami when he was psychotic (*I don't even think Psychotic is a strong enough word to use XD*) but I also discovered that:

1. If you live in Domino City and especially go to the high school there, your chances of getting beaten up are dramaticlly high... Lost count of the amount of times Yugi/Joey/Tristan/other random people got beat up XD

2. Yugi is just as much of a pervert as his grandfather is XD and Joey is even worse... *hits them all over the head*

Nice to see they used the original Japanese names in the Manga too :D (*I just used dub names here cos I'm too used to them XD*)

So yes, the manga is a shock to those who've only grown to know the cutsy dub with it's cutsy morals on "the heart of cards" and friendship, this has a similar moral but hell there's a lot of getting beaten up and Psychotic Dark Yugi's to get there XD *Bounces* Me likes! Me likes! Violence YAY! I mean come on, people die, some guy who broke out of jail goes up in flames, Joey gets tortured via Cattle Prods, some guy gets blown up by explosives... there's much more but geez! It kicks so much ass *squeals* And poor little Yugi has no idea about his other self yet... or what he does XD
Now I can see why they never dubbed the first season O_o;

Anyway roll on April so I can buy more along with Naruto aswell as Spirited Away and Fruits Basket DVDS!

Oh well once I've finished the Yugioh manga I'll go onto my digimon ones...I flicked through it earlier and one particular thing caught my eye.

TK: - (Refering to Davis*) Did he just call Ken, "Homeslice"?

I think that's what it was *is too lazy to look* But yeah Davis calls Ken that and TK makes it too easy for Yaoi fangirls like me XD Davis has a cute nickname for Ken *squeals points and laughs like a Yaoi fangirl should*

Okay I'm done now XD
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