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GX Episode 28 Reaction~!

Okay...first of all, I take back my "Normal Teenager" comment from last week...
Anyone who can withstand the pain of a Shadow Game and sit up SMILING is not NORMAL!
Oh and he has his own Philosopher's stone now XD;; What? What? The thing he was given has a red stone in it damnit!

Seems like the seven keys may be given to Juudai, Daitokuchi, Misawa, Asuka, Ryou, Manjoume and Chronos since in the preview they're the seven people standing in the headmasters office (*Poor Hayato and Shou don't get one? Awwwww...*)

And as for the mystery person, well, when you mentioned this Linka I wasn't really sure who to expect. My mind was guessing everything, but now I've seen it I must say it made me say the words "Holy Crap" several times XD;;

...OMFG! IT'S FUBUKI!?! DARKNESS IS FUBUKI!?!?! (*Mind melts into a big pot of goo right there and then*)
I think GX is trying to take FMA's place in the catogary of anime that can most make my head go *BOOOM!*

I seriously didn't think they'd be bringing him back this soon, I thought he'd be part of a different arc to tell you the truth but still....

Still, it might NOT be him cos you know what Yu-Gi-Oh is like... XD
But there is a good chance it is...
I need a "WTF?" icon...

Okay well that was my initial reaction post on the episode. Hopefully the review will come tomorrow :D
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