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Mr. mime's Pre-evolution scares me...

Just on a fly by stop to Serebii I see the three new Pokémon have been revealed.
Mr. Mime's Pre-evolution scares me, Sudowoodo's pre-evolution didn't look quite how I expected, except the top bit and a pre-evolved Sneasel!? Actually that thing is kinda cute :D I'm so aiming to get one of those when Diamond/Pearl is released X3
So that's four pre-evolutions revealed now. Pre-evolutions are intresting XD
I wonder what other Pokémon they have in store for us with this 4th generation. I still haven't learned all the names of the 3rd generation yet I still have to look some up XD

Oh yeah and here is a page of doodles I was drawing up until almost 3am this morning cos I'm stupid:


Started off as a Naruto Ninja Juudai then just kinda grew. I personally like how Orihime came out in the picture :D I need to draw her proparly one of these days ^^
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