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Well my throat actually was better today, in fact it didn't hurt at all, except it's been kinda dry again O_o; Although I was getting random pains in my ears and around that section.
I officially believe that all this is being caused by my wisdom teeth, which are actually coming through after about 4 years of the dentist saying they would come through soon XD Yes they are actually making an apperance and I feel they are the culprits for my sore throat yetserday, the dry feeling, the random aches...
...my next dentist appointment is at the end of May, so I'll tell him about that, I guess just to claify my suspicions XD

I at least managed to do one parody so far which didn't really involve Juudai (*Only him snoring*) while my throat and mouth feel dry Juudai is extremly hard to voice O_O;;
Review is almost half way done, I've gotten to the part where Juudai blushes XD <333

Oh and got the 2nd FMA DVD in the post today X3 Eeeeeee!

....Nina ;________;
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