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Whaaa, once again I hate it when me being on the internet makes me miss an important call...then again it was only work and I really can't do any overtime as I'm waiting for my Mangas to be delivered... the estimated arrival date is still the 15th -18th of March but it was dispatched earlier than they said so it could come anytime and my dad won't be in after about 12-ish so that sucks...
...I hate having to turn them down for overtime even though I HATE them ringing up asking me about overtime on that same day -_-;;
I seriously need broadband....gaaaaah... *falls over*

In other news my best friend Helen read my palm and said I'll have a romance at 30 and never have kids XD That so amuses me!
Yeah she's been practising palm reading, nifty huh? XD


I've been doing a lot of little bits here and there so here's some art stuffs for you to look at :D

Yami Bakura dressed in
Ash's clothes, yes I said I'd draw it and I did XD

Ninja Marik Ishtar...
what? He looks sexy as a ninja XD

First Oekaki in a while.
Ninja Yugi, Marik and Bakura ^^;

Okay that's enough of Yugioh Characters Cosplaying XD I need to carry on cleaning my room now ^^;
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