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Just some crack ramblings (*As usual*)

I'm gonna ramble about the descriptions for episodes 35-37 of GX, just warning you :D

So I was surfing around the Janime forums and there was a post on Janimes descriptions for episodes 35-37 and I must say....the crack just keeps on coming XD

By the looks of it Janime hasn't updated about these on her site yet even though they're up which could mean her team but them up prematurely again XD So yeah, things might be subject to change *lol*

Episode 35
Unity of Brothers! Ojama Delta Hurricane

Manjyome Brothers are trying to buy Academia. Upon the condition of the purchase, the duel between Manjyome Thunder VS Chousaku Brother begins. Although Manjyome can't use monsters with more than 500 attack points, he constructs his deck by gathering small/young monsters. The summoned monsters only on defense position may not keep out. On the other side, Chousaku attacks by the dragon with 2500 attack points. However, when Manjyome Thunder can make the uniform of three [Ojama Trio] on the field, his strike has just started.

First of all, trying to buy something that belongs to Kaiba is very very bold of the two older Manjoume brothers XD But it's not his company they're trying to buy so I guess Kaiba couldn't care less if anyone tries to take over the academy *lol* Who knows! I really, REALLY hope Manjoume just kicks his brother's ass cos they deserve it and Manjoume deserves to win <3 Also not only is he going to be playing with small monsters (*YAY!*) it seems by this time he has the Ojama Trio too and not just Ojama Yellow.
Oh how we have to feel sorry for him if all three of them can talk to him XD;;

Episode 36
Misawa VS Amazoness Bridegroom Duel

The third assassin is Amazoness [Taniya]. Misawa becomes a target. If he is defeated, he will become a bridegroom. Thus, the duel between Misawa VS Amazoness Taniya begins. Misawa's chemical deck is well calculated. He uses plus and minus magetic monsters to take the lead in the battle. However, Amazoness deck of Taniya has different image. In fact, it is also a well-calculated deck. Because Taniya positively transfers her favor, calm Misawa is mentally shook.

YAY! More Misawa dueling, and if this is a shadow duel then....this will probably be the crackiest shadow game ever! Considering what happens to the loser XD Misawa becomes a bridegroom, that is way too awesome for words!
Why is it that I see the words "Plus and minus" and I read it as "Plusle and Minun"
I need to draw Misawa with a Plusle and Minun now....

Episode 37
Human Bullet Duel! Death Ring of Amazoness

About the bridegroom with Taniya, Misawa was accomanied but finally released by a night.Taniya's physical strength, perseverance, duel level, and others don't reach Misawa's power. Having interested, Judai offers a game with Taniya. Thus, the duel between Judai and Taniya begins. Judai then gets the battle damage from [Amazoness Swords Woman ~ Amazoness No Kenshi]. Also, by the field magic [Death Battle Field of Amazoness ~ Amazoness No Shintojou], this game seemingly becomes a human bullet battle that threatens the limit of physical strength of both sides. While both of them are fighting, they are recognizing each other.

So, it seems Misawa may lose, but seems to escape the bridgroom thing XD
And I'm hoping for Juudai's sake that the same thing doesn't apply to his duel with the Amazon Lady, cos knowing him....he wouldn't know what a "Bridegroom" is XD
This battle sounds like it's gonna be very intense but it's the last sentence that intrests me most of all... While both of them are fighting, they are recognizing each other
So...Juudai and the Amazon Lady reconize each other? Thus I wonder....where from?


My crack theories are:

- It's somehow Asuka in disguise being controlled by unknown forces! (*Hell, she hasn't been mentioned since the whole thing with the Vampire Lady and the "gate"*)

- It's someone Juudai knows from his mysterious past, whooooooooooo~! (*Dude! It would screw him up if he suddnely found out the person he was dueling against in a shadow game was someone he knew XD Plus Juudai's past before the academy is a mystery anyway, he's never mentioned his family or his old life at all, except the whole "I thought my duel monsters were having a party" thing back in episode 5... maybe there is a reason to why the main character hasn't really had much revealed about his life before the academy....or it's just me and my wishful thinking!*)

- It's Fubuki in drag!

Feel free to post your crack theroies on that one! :D :D Or just any theroy!

So....so far three assasins have been revealed! Camilla the Vampire Lady, Taniya the Amazon Lady and some guy called "Darkness"...
...I so can't wait for the other four to be revealed! X3 The assassins are crack already~!

Also I drew a sick looking Juudai cos the RP made me do it <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, it needs to be inked XD

My throat is still sore, but at least it isn't hurting as much as this morning. I need to go and get something to eat XD
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