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Argh, damn you sore throat!!!

Gah, GX Parodies may be off until further notice. This morning I woke up with the most bizzarrest sore throat EVER! I dunno, I could feel it last night but I didn't expect this, this morning. I made myself a cup of tea and it seemes to be helping. It only hurts when I swallow or move my head, almost feels like I've got a lump in my throat or something -_-;; Ack!
I wouldn't be suprised if I have caught a throat infection, after all there was that spell last week of it feeling bizarrly dry all the time and my throat is annoying and likes to get throat infections a lot (*Hell, that month long cold I had last year was mostly all in the throat for the majority of it*)

Blah, if it's like this tomorrow I'm not going to work. The last thing it needs is me talking for 5 hours >>;
Also doesn't help when an electrician knocks on your door at half eight in the morining while your asleep. Blah, they always mistake our address for one that's down the road >>;

Ack....I need more warm tea... and quite possibly sweets for sore throats -_-;;

So yeah, today (*Or tomorrow*) I'll do my GX review seperatly from parodies (*Depending on when Saiyaman gets the episode up*). If there are any scenes I want to do I'll just have to put them to once side and so I can do them when my throat is better.
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