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To praise or to smite....

YAY! I just ordered the 2nd FMA DVD :D :D Squeeeee~!
The 4th Yu-Gi-Oh Uncut DVD was supposed to have come out today too but apparently it's been "delayed indefinitely" according to some post on the Janime forums which sucks cos they were the ONLY Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs I considered buying. To me they were the perfect combination of the dub and Japanese versions. I like the dub voice actors but it also kept the original background music that I love so much!
Oh yeah, and there's the whole uncut thing.
I'd get the cut dub but there are so many DVDs out I really can't be bothered >>;
I hope they do continue with them but I think they'll just forget about them...

Argh! FUNimation, you just made me happy and sad in one single post!! O_o;
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