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Now a Question that has plauged Mankind for Ages.....

...do they have Malls in
the Shadow Realm?

Erm...yeah okay story behind the crudely drawn comic...I was thinking of well....doing a crudely drawn comic about Seto Kaiba holding a Monster Tornement (*Covers Duel monsters, pokémon and digimon*) and inviting a bunch of different anime characters to take part XD

THIS bit was just a random idea I have for the preliminary (*Or Final*) Matches where May is chosen to go up against Marik of all people XD I could so see her not realizing how much trouble she's in and asking a pathetic question XD
But alas if this gets carried on they won't even get to start the duel cos it'll be interrupted...

Next I'll have to do the Yami Bakura VS Brock one which takes part a lot earlier in the comic and it's fun cos they're on the same damn team (*They get split into teams of 4 you see*) Then Sasuke knocks Bakura unconcious with a tree branch XD What fun~!

Hummm....I'll see how it goes... knowing me and my inability to do comics not well....

Oh well....time to sleeeeep~!
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