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GX gone Official!

I just posted this at yugioh_gx but decided to do a seperate post on my own journal so I can ramble some more :D

It seems like the Official Yu-Gi-Oh site has added a section on GX :D Which can be seen here: http://yugioh.com/gx.php Not too much has been revealed about the dub so far, except that we get one renamed dorm (*"Osiris Red" to "Slifer Red" natrually...though I think Osiris Red has a better sound to it's name*) and yes....Burst Lady seems to get an edit to cover her up some more, but that's something we all expected to happen *nods*

The series overview is intresting to say the least. It starts off saying "Years in the future, in a land inaccessible to the rest of the world..."
Okay...try a few years in the future on and island which is accessible by boats or helicopters :D :D Silly 4Kids XD

Other than that I'm really looking forward to the dub, I can't wait to know what their dub voices sound like, what any name changes will be (*Pleasepleaseplease keep Juudai's name*) I still expect Hayato's name to be changed to something like "Harry", Asuka to "Amber or Ashley", if Shou's name changes then maybe it would change to "Shaun" I dunno....he looks like a "Shaun" XD

Although if any 4kids spies are reading this, please, if you can....don't change any names at all :D :D *Looks hopeful*
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