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Lotsa random crap :D :D

Well, I never did get round to sorting out my computer XD *Yawns* Oh well...

....here's a pretty picture of Max with a Tokomon :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's gonna be part of PDU's new splash page....ya know....once I get round to colouring it XD Yeah it has some mistakes in the lineart, haven't cleaned it up yet XP Ed and Juudai also get to be on the splash as links to the FMA and GX parts of my site :D

Also, I drew Image hosted by Photobucket.com today.

I also started on writing....something... I'm so tired now nothing makes much sense....
....I should sleep instead of posting random crap here, huh?
I'll try and get the GX review done tomorrow :D I already have some of the parodies done and stuff, so....yeeeeeep!

Oh and happy April Fools Day :D :D Dude....it's April already... I'm 22 in just over a months time O_O; Eeeep!
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